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How to get a degree through your Work / Life Experience?

Using the VAE Process


16th anniversary de sorbonBest VAE
  1. Fill the Application Form
  2. Pay the 50€ Application fee
  3. Send your documents
  4. Decision within 20 Days
  5. If accepted Pay the 600€  Jury Fees
  6. Jury decision within 2 months
  7. If granted, Diploma send electronically outside the EU/Europe, or given at our multiples formal Graduation Ceremonies.


  1. Fill the Application
  2. Pay the 1200€ Accelerated VAE Process fees
  3. Send your  documents
  4. Degree Decision within 15 days
  5. If granted confirmation letter send electronically. Degree & UNESCO Diploma Supplement send by registered post

Please note the above mentioned Fees & Deliverables is not applicable in India & DubaiFor more details please contact:
1) DUBAI +971- 56 6796096 or mail to
2)  INDIA +91- 98914 77567  or mail to:

IMPORTANT: Starting August 1, 2022, because of the constant postal problems. Diploma, UNESCO diploma supplements and other documents will be sent electronically in pdf coded format. If requested those  documents on paper should be sent outside Europe, only through Chronopost/FedEx, Express courrier for a 120€ cost 

Please follow 3 easy steps to apply:

1) Please fill the On line Application Form  and submit it securely. 

2) Pay the application fee of € 50 Euros on line through a secure payment. Those fees will be refunded if you are not admitted at the institution. No application will be reviewed without the payment of the application fees. You card will be debited in your country of origin currency. You may pay with Paypal® . Within 20 days we will advise you  of your admission. Click Here

Do not forget to send us as soon as possible your documents by e-mail!

3) If your candidacy is accepted, please pay the €600 Euros for Tuition and Diploma fees. Within 60 days our VAE jury will render its decision. If positive, we will send you the following documents: Please note that this acceptance is valid for 2 months.
I am paying the Euro 600 Euros non refundable tuition, Jury & Diploma fees, through Paypal®  (Click the button). The diploma and UNESCO Diploma supplement if granted will be sent regist
ered.  Click Here

) If the VAE jury grants you a degree, we will send you through registered letter. Your Degree in French. (the French Law forbids to mention that it is based on work experience)

5) You may receive also the UNESCO Diploma Supplement in English for 50€ Extra

For each application the student should provide:

- Documents, Certificate of Employment, Salary stub, affidavit, publications, newspaper article, affidavit from co-workers, etc., that document work experience. All those documents should be in French or English languages or translated in one of these two languages. Copies of diploma or transcripts of previous studies (if existing). We recommend Email:  (we accept Word, Pdf, JPG formats), or fax +33488714212

- If those studies are not from the USA, France, Canada , Europe or the French Former colonies, they should be evaluated by one of those recognized credential evaluators: CEEDE (a dept. of Robert de Sorbon), Credentialevalution.orgCCI,

About the Integrity of our process

The degree that the Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon® may grant is a "Certificat issu par un Etablissement d'Enseignement Supérieur Privé" as defined by the Ordonnance nº 2000-916 du 19 septembre 2000 art. 3 Journal Officiel du 22 septembre 2000 en vigueur le 1er janvier 2002)

We expect total integrity from our students and the jury may check, with the issuing sources, the documents presented for the VAE and the identity of the applicant. To produce a false document is a felony punished by a large fine and up to three years in jail in France. Article 441 of the French Code Pénal:
"Constitue un faux toute altération frauduleuse de la vérité de nature à  causer un préudice et accomplie par quelque moyen que ce soit, dans un écrit ou tout autre support d'expression de la pensée qui a pour objet ou qui peut avoir pour effet d'établir la preuve d'un droit ou d'un fait ayant des conséquences juridiques. Le faux et l'usage de faux sont punis de trois ans d'emprisonnement et de 45000 euros d'amende."

As the diploma issuance is based on experience, mastering the French language is not required.
 The whole VAE process is done on Line

On line application form

The Robert de Sorbon® students come from 157 Countries & Territories

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