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In December 2020, the Indian Government selected the Ecole supérieure Robert de Sorbon® for its very major CSC Program.

CSC Academy and Ecole supérieure Robert de Sorbon® launched Computer Aided Design & 3D Printing and Cyber security courses.

The program is committed to teaching, delivering of specialized courses/ training programs, leadership, communication skills and promotion of entrepreneurship among the rural masses and lower classes in India. It will be done On Lineand  at the 7000 CSC Academy centers, all over India,  for students that cannot afford a computer. Computer Science Skills are the best vectors  to acquire a better position in the society.

The aim of the Courses is to develop industry-relevant skills and make the program self-sustainable, which can generate employment/self-employment opportunities for the youth and to develop their skills on machining tools like 3D Printer and able to create complex industrial components and able to convert their creative and innovative ideas into reality with the help of Computer Aided Design & 3D Printer. Cyber Security is an essential tool for the business in the XXI century. 

Each of this  certifying courses lasts 30 hours. Students may get this certificate and earn 2 ECTS (European Credits Transfer Systems).

Faculty :

Cyber Security course:

Anchal Gulati Bachelor of Science of l’Université of Delhi et PGDBM. Assistants: Arvind Rathi Master of Science University  of Kukushetra (Inde) et Mrs. Preeti Sharma Master of Technolgy of the same University

3 D Printing Course:

Avikshit Saras, Bachelor of Science. from the University of Bradford (GB) and  Master of Science from the University of  de Manchester (GB). Assistants:   Sohail Anjum M.Sc. in Safety management LPU University (India) and Sahil Saini, B.Tech de Northern India Engineering college.  

Curriculum of our first 2 CSC courses 

Cyber Security Professional Basic course

Module 1 - Cyber Security

● Cyberspace

● Cyber Security

● Password

● Common Passwords

● Endpoint Security

● Creating a Password

● Table 1: Tips for Password Management

Module 2 - Calculations - Computation – Communication

● Calculations

● Computing

● Communications




Modem/ Router

World Wide Web

Internet and www

Module 3 - Essentials of Cyber Security; Security Concept

● Cyber Security and Information Security

● Fundamentals of Information Assurance



Non repudiation.

● Concept of CIA Triad




Module 4 - Functioning of Internet and Network Layers

● Internet Protocol Address

● Domain Name System

Structure of DNS

● Layered Architecture of Networks

● Actions on the Internet after Clicking a Link

Module 5 - Basic Threats and Vulnerabilities Part -I

● Threats through Emails


Social Engineering

Phishing email

Spear phishing




Email Spoofing

● Malicious Codes or Malware Threats

● Threat Classification

Module 6 - Basic Threats and Vulnerabilities Part -II

● Virus

● Virus Grouping

Resident and Nonresident Virus

File Infector Virus

Overwriting Virus

Boot Sector Virus.

Master Boot Record Virus

Multipartite Virus

Cluster Virus.

Polymorphic virus.

Rootkit virus.

Macro Virus.

Web Scripting Virus

Notable Examples of Virus

Module 7 - Basic Threats and Vulnerabilities Part - III

● Worms

● Classification of Worms

Email worms.

Internet worms.

File-sharing Networks Worms.

Instant Message and Chat Room Worms

● Trojan

● Table 2: How do you find out when your system is infected? Symptoms

● Table 3: Defence Against Computer Infection

Module 8 – Additional Threats and Vulnerabilities

● Spyware

● Types of Spyware

Domestic Spyware

Commercial Spyware

● Botnets

Module 9 - Exploitation: Threats and Vulnerabilities

● SQL Injections

● Buffer Overflow

● Cross Site Scripting

Module 10 - New Trends in Cyber Threats and Attacks

● Actors on the Scene.

● Possible Targets.

● Advanced Persistent Threat.

Phases of Advanced Persistent Threat Attack.

Mitigation of APT attacks

● Blended Threats.

● DoS (Denial of Service) Attack.

● Ransomware.

● Insider Threats and Attacks

3D Printing (CAD)

30 Hours Course

1. Introduction to 3D Printing

2. Basic CAD software

3. 3D Printer demo

4. 3D Printer software interface

5. 3D Pen

6. Intermediate CAD software

7. 3D Printer maintenance, trouble shooting, service

8. Advanced CAD software

9. 3D Scanning

10. 3D Scanning CAD Software


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